Welcome to the Art of Don Jorge!

We are happy you dropped by, and hope you find Don Jorge’s artwork inspiring. The artist has been working for many years to build up his collection, unique and true to his vision, and now wants to share it with the world!

In his own words, Don Jorge captures the spirit of modern Mexico, while celebrating it’s past and traditions.

All the artwork whose pages have an Add to Cart button are for sale. But, as each piece is unique, there are no copies. What you buy is the original artwork, and not a reproduction or a print.

The descriptions for the artwork are few – we have provided the size of the artwork, something of its media, and treatment. Don Jorge does not like to be restricted, at times, to a specific size canvas, so many of his works are done on rough cut treated canvases, or self-stretched canvas, and his favored medium is acrylic, which has the advantage of long-lasting dramatic color. Some pieces have been treated with a glossy overcoat to protect the final work, though this is not necessarily mentioned in the description for each piece, and in no way affects its dramatic appearance, but will add to its longevity.

As Don Jorge creates new artwork and readies it for sale, we will add it to this growing site.

Thank you for visiting and check back often!

PLEASE NOTE: All artwork pictured on this site is not necessarily in its final form. The artist reserves the right to modify ANY artwork included on this site at his own discretion. He is a working artist, and is always attempting to improve upon his already capacious talent, and is frankly never satisfied with the state of ANY of his work. For an up-to-date image of any particular piece, please contact him before making a purchase.